A low-budget, directorial debut, the SAW movies universe became immensely profitable and ultimately expanded to over 9 movies currently. Here is how you can watch SAW movies in order.

Saw Movies in order can be watched on various online platforms such as HBO, HBO Max, Netflix and Prime Video. They are also available for rent on services including Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play and YouTube.

Saw Movies Plot

John Kramer and his wife Jill’s lives are ruined after she suffers a miscarriage and he gets diagnosed with cancer. Reeling from his tragedy, he turns into Jigsaw, a sadistic killer who likes to set traps for his victims, turning their deaths into a game. Each new movie tells the story of a different victim. 

Saw Movies Review

James Wan‘s 2004 directorial debut film was initially a short film approx. 10 mins long. It was a low-budget horror film with a simple premise, a deranged terminally ill man seeks revenge on victims. Each act of revenge is as convoluted and cringe-worthy as it can be. Blood and gore abound in this franchise and you would be tempted to close your eyes for the blood-curdling scenes.

However, this very fact keeps you also glued to the screen as the plot- simple as it may be- does have some creativity and originality behind each of it’s traps. It keeps you guessing as to what form of trap the director has in store for the next victim.

Low budget the franchise might be, but it certainly did wonders at the box office, raking in a near billion dollars over its entire film series.

It’s rather after the 3rd film, wherein you start to feel that the timeline of the ‘Saw’ franchise is a twisted game all its own. As convoluted the movie is, it becomes all the more difficult to keep track of the time jumps and the timeline.

Spanning across seven sequels and thirteen years, the franchise has gone into a tail spin and making it hard for it’s fans to follow along. It’s almost like the movie franchise has proceeded to lose its entire mind just like Jigsaw.

The franchise starts to lose the mystery and twists after Saw III but it picks up at the end of Saw V and the Final Chapter. Best to ignore the gorefest and perversion, and focus on the successor plotline. If you start to lose yourself towards the end, stick with it; final scene blew my mind and it will be worth it.

EDIT: Jigsaw (2017) acts as both a prequel and a sequel. It makes sense once you watch it.

Saw Movie Cast

The franchise has a wide array of star cast, starring amongst others actors like Tobin Bell as Jigsaw, Shawnee Smith, Cary Elwes, Leigh Whannell, but we’ve also seen the likes of Danny Glover, Ken Leung, Dina Meyer, Donnie Wahlberg, Scott Patterson, and it looks like the ninth movie will feature Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson.

Do you have to watch the Saw movies in order?

The ‘SAW’ movies are certainly a mind fu*k and even when you watch them in series, you are left scratching your head, wondering what just happened. So, to avoid further confusing yourself-cause you will end up confused nevertheless- it’s essential that you watch them in chronological order.

Saw Movies in order

  • Saw (2004)
  • Saw II (2005)
  • Saw III (2006)
  • Saw IV (2007)
  • Saw V (2008)
  • Saw VI (2009)
  • Saw: The Final Chapter (2010) also known as Saw 3D
  • Jigsaw (I) (2017)
  • Spiral: From the Book of Saw

How many Saw movies are there currently?

There are at present 9 movies in the SAW franchise.

Where can i watch the SAW movies

Here is the list of the SAW movies in order and the platform that they are currently playing on.

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SAW Movies Fun Fact

The whole franchise started with an initial short movie of approx. 10 mins of just one scene.

Due to budget constraints, the whole movie was shot inside a warehouse.

There was zero room for retakes or rehearsals. This actually went in favor of the movie, lending a gritty and realistic feel to the whole film.

The Jigsaw puppet is director James Wan’s creation.

Real Pig guts were used as a substitute for human intestines rather than props.

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