How to turn on torch on Galaxy A52s. Turn on flashlight on A52s. Where is shortcut for the torch on Samsung Galaxy A52s?

Coming home late at night? Dark alleys? Or is there a sudden power outage and you are left in the dark.

Well, whatever the situation might be, if you find yourself in the dark, without any light, there is no need to hunt for a torch cause you have a torch right on your mobile. How do you turn on the flashlight on your galaxy A52s? In this article, we will tell you how to turn on the flashlight on your android mobile and how to create a quick shortcut for the torch when you need it in an instant.

The Galaxy A52s camera light can be used as a torch for emergencies.

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Follow the below steps to know how to do so:

How to turn on the torch on Samsung Galaxy A52s?

  • Unlock your Samsung Galaxy A52s
  • On the Home page, swipe down from the top to access the notification panel
  • Click on the torch icon
  • Your Flashlight is now switched on

How to turn off the torch on Samsung Galaxy A52s?

Follow the same process:

·        On the home page, swipe down from the top to access the notification panel.

·        Click again on the torch icon

·        Your Flashlight is now switched off.

How to create a shortcut for torch on Samsung Galaxy A52s on Lock Screen

It’s very easy to create a shortcut on your galaxy mobile for turning on the torch without unlocking it.

You can create a shortcut on the lock screen and directly turn on the flashlight without unlocking or opening your mobile.

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Just follow the below steps:

·        Open “Settings” on your mobile

·        Open “Lock Screen”

·        Scroll down to where it says “Shortcuts”

·        Tap on “Shortcuts”

·        Choose either the “Left Shortcut”  or the “Right Shortcut”  as the location.

·        Tap on either.

·        Now select Torch from the options available.

Now the Flashlight will be available on your Lock Screen. To open it, just press the icon and slide it towards the center of the screen.

Your torch will be switched on.

How to turn on Flashlight on Samsung A52s using an app

In case, you want more features out of the camera flash than merely switching on and off, you can download various apps from the Google Play Store. These apps offer various extra features for the torch function. You can control the brightness, you can make the torch flash in a strobe fashion or send an SOS. You can even change the color of your torchlight and create a party scene. Or you may want to send a message in morse code and have some fun.

Another bonus point is that you set the app as a shortcut on your lock screen and instantly activate the torch without unlocking the phone.

One of the most popular apps for Torch is Flashlight with over 50M downloads on the Play Store.

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How do I move my flashlight to my home screen?

Check out our selection of the best apps available for turning on the flashlight below:


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