Sony, Sony, Sony, why do you have to do this all the time. Why do you repeat your failures? After the debacle that the wf-1000x series had, I thought you would have learned something by now.

So, sometime back I bought these beasts and posted a review. Now I would like to talk about the 3 things that I just hate about these earbuds and which in turn are a deal-breaker for me . Sorry Sony, you need to buck up and just do better if you want me as a customer.

Sony Wf -Sp700N-The Battery life

This is a no-brainer. Almost everyone and anyone who has purchased these will tell you that the battery life of these earbuds sucks.

While the company claims 3 hours, which too is a ridiculously low number, the actual time that you do get is around 1.5 hours. I am not kidding, it’s like you put them on and before you know it, you get low battery warnings.

Also, this does not have a quick charge, so it’s not as if you can pop them in the case for 15-20 mins to get a full charge. Noooooooo, you need to wait like another 2 hours before you start using them.

Sony Wf -Sp700N-Call Quality

What, what do I say here. It’s like Sony just completely forgot that they are making a Bluetooth earphone for voice quality as well.

It’s like they started with a product which had a great design, great comfort, superb music quality and just before launch, realized they had forgotten to add the voice call audio functionality.

There is a slight lag when playing video which though negligible is quite noticeable. But the call quality sucks big time. It’s that bad. Seriously, you get better audio with no static, hiss from the budget $30 earphones .heck even the i7 Chinese apple knock-off sounds way better. Something is seriously wrong here Sony and you guys really need to introspect.

Sony Wf -Sp700N-The charge case

So okay, I have already mentioned the pathetic battery life of the ear buds, and that there is no quick charge available.

Now, the charging case too is not anything to talk about. In fact the lid feels very light, clumsy and is prone to breaking off. But and let me repeat but, the major major disappointment here is that putting the ear buds back inside the charging case which btw should be a basic thing, is so awkward and difficult to do so.

Now you can see here, so this was the first time that I was doing this and maaaan I had a difficult time here. I mean whets the point of being a million dollar company and doing so much R& D and having test launches, market surveys when you can’t even get the basics right.

I mean it’s so awkward and I really had to actually struggle with putting the ear buds back in. The right one used to usually go right in but the left one, ok that was problematic as hell.

This is such a basic thing and I have no clue why Sony made it so difficult.

There is another issue that is more or less universal with Sony. You guys need a good creative team to come up with better names for your products.

Whether it be mobile, TV’s and now ear buds, I mean who keeps names such as WF 1000, WF sp600, WF700n, I mean it sounds so much like the T-1000 terminator series. Seriously, why can’t we have some good catchy name s which are easier to remember .

This is not a very big issue but thought since I am giving you guy’s pointers, might as well add this also here. Because it’s the attention to details which actually makes apple such a great company.

Anyway, enough of Sony bashing but seriously that’s not my intent, just trying to give you folks some pointers from the aspect of a consumer. So for this review, you can watch the video here:

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