How to share wifi password from iphone to android. Share WiFi password from iPhone to Android without password

Tired of typing the wifi password every time you connect a new device in your home? 

Got an Android user who can’t connect to your wifi? Here’s how to share the password between Apple and Android users.

No worries!

Below, we will guide you on how you can share your wifi password between an iPhone and Android devices.

While IOS does not have any default method or a built-in way to share Wi-Fi passwords between iPhone and Android, we have a simple workaround for you.

So, give it a read!

Share Your wifi Password between iPhone and Android in 3 Easy Steps!

Sharing your wifi password between iPhone and Android is easier than you think. You can do this in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Install QR Generator in Your iPhone

Whether you are a new iPhone user, it is worth checking out how your iPhone and Android device can share the wifi password. 

The functionality of QR codes makes this feature much easier to use, especially when you want to share your password with someone who has just moved in.

So, first, install a QR generator app on your iPhone! 

There are many available on the App Store and you can choose anyone.

Step 2: Create Code

After this, you will be able to generate a QR code to share with your friends.

  • First, click on my codes to generate a new code.
  • Select what code you want to create. Here, you need to select wifi.
  • Now enter the details that are asked, mainly the SSID name and password. That is, your wifi name and password.
  • Now click on done.

And that’s it, your QR code is all set and ready to be shared.

Just click on it and show it to anyone who wants to join your wifi network.

To recheck, go back to the wifi QR Code Generator app and press “Generate” to create the code. If done correctly, it should preview the code containing your wifi’s name and password.

Step 3: Scan Code & Connect!

Scan the code displayed on your iPhone with your Android phone to connect. If you have trouble scanning, make sure that the lighting is sufficient and that both devices are fully charged. 

(it’s harder for the camera to scan in low light or when one of the devices isn’t charged).

After successful scanning, your Android phone will ask you to enter the password.

Some Common FAQs:

Can you share your Wi-Fi passwords from iPhone to Android?

Well, as mentioned earlier, there is no default way to share this. You need to install a QR code generator, create your own code with the Wi-Fi name and password, and just share the QR.

How do I share a QR code from my iPhone to my Android Wi-Fi?

Simply open the QR code that you have just created, and scan it with an Android phone. The Android device will automatically pick up the Wi-Fi settings and connect to the network.

How to share wifi passwords from iPhone to Android without a Password?

You can easily share Wi-Fi passwords from iPhone to Android without disclosing your password.

Simply download a QR code generator, create your own code and share the code.

This way, you do not have to reveal your password at all.


So there you have it! Sharing a wifi password between your iPhone and an Android device is easy. It just takes the right tools and steps to carefully follow what we’ve discussed above for your ease.

So, follow these 3 easy steps, and you’ll be able to start sharing wifi between iPhone and Android phones with no hassle at all! 

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