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There are many reasons you might need to record a phone call. Maybe you’re conducting an important business meeting and want to make sure you have a record of what was discussed. Or maybe you’re trying to catch a prank caller or capture a special moment with a loved one. Whatever the reason, recording phone calls can be useful in a variety of situations.

Whether it be for business purposes or for personal use, recorded calls ensure that you just don’t have to rely on your memory to recall what was said by whom, or what were the final terms that you had agreed upon. 

Does Samsung galaxy mobiles have call recording?

Yes, Samsung Galaxy mobiles do have call recording features. Unlike other companies, Samsung provides a very stable and robust call recording feature that is very user-friendly and has no bugs. 

How to record calls on Samsung Galaxy

There are a few different ways to record calls on Samsung Galaxy devices. You can either use the built-in recorder app or an external recorder app.

To use the built-in recorder app, simply open the app and press the “Record” button. The recorded phone call will be saved on your device.

To use an external recorder app, you will need to download and install the app from the Google Play Store. Once the app is installed, you can open it and press the “Record” button to start recording your phone call.

The recorded phone call will be saved in the app’s storage. You can then access the recorded phone call by opening the app and pressing the “Play” button.

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How to enable Auto Call Recording in Samsung

To enable call recording in Samsung, you will need to do the following steps:

  • Go into the Phone app and select the 3-dot menu icon. 
  • From there, choose “Settings”.
  • Then choose “Record calls”.
  • Toggle the switch for “Auto Record” to “On”. This will enable you to record all calls. You can choose whether you want to record All Calls, Calls from unsaved numbers, or Calls from specific numbers. If you don’t want to automatically record all calls, then toggle the switch to “off”.

How to manually record calls in Samsung

 If you don’t want to select the default option to record all calls, or only want to record select phone calls, then follow these steps

  • Go into the Phone app and select the 3-dot menu icon. 
  • From there, choose “Settings”.
  • Then choose “Record calls”.
  • Toggle the switch for “Auto Record” to “Off”.

To manually record calls:

  • Call any number that you want.
  • When the party has picked up the call, select the 3-dot menu icon at the upper right corner.
  • Tapp “Record Call”
  • The recording will be started. It will automatically end when you finish your conversation and hang up.
  • You can then playback the recording from the storage path.

Where is the call recording saved in Samsung galaxy?

All call recordings by default are stored in the path “Internal Storage”-” Recordings”-” Call”

However, if you have a storage card inserted, then you have the option to store recorded calls on your SD card also.

How do I access the call recordings in Samsung Mobiles?

There are 3 methods by which you can access the call recordings.

Method 1:

  • Go into the Phone app and select the 3-dot menu icon. 
  • From there, choose “Settings”.
  • Then choose “Record calls”.
  • Tap on “Recorded Calls”.

All your call recordings can be easily accessed here.

Method 2:

  • Go to “My Files”.
  • Choose “Internal Storage”.
  • Choose “Recordings”.
  • Choose “Call”.

All your call recordings will be here.

Method 3:

  • Open the “Phone App”.
  • Choose the contact whose recording you want to access.
  • Press the “i” button under the name.
  • Tap “History”.
  • Tap again to open Call History.
  • Here, whichever call has been recorded, there would be a “microphone sign” next to it.
  • Press the “microphone sign” to play the call recording.

How to record calls using third-party apps

There are many apps available on the Google Play Store for recording calls. 

You can download and install any one of them, follow the on-screen instructions to set up the app.

Your call recording is now enabled.

Some Apps that are available on Google Play Store:

  1. mSpy
  2. Call Recorder-Cube ACR
  3. Automatic Call Recorder by RSA
  4. Automatic Call Recorder
  5. Rev Call Recorder
  6. Auto Call Recorder
  7. Call Recorder Automatic Call Recorder callX
  8. Call Recorder- ACR
  9. TapeACallPro

Can the other party know that we are recording calls

When we record phone calls on Samsung Galaxy mobile, the other party does not come to know that we are recording the call.

However, if you are using a third-party app to record the call, and not Samsung’s own call record feature, then some apps do notify the other party with a beep sound that the call is being recorded.

Do I have to inform the other party that I am recording the call?

You are not required to inform the other party that you are recording the conversation, but it is generally considered polite to do so.

In some states, however, there may be laws requiring you to get the other person’s permission before recording a phone call.

If you are unsure about the laws in your state, it is best to err on the side of caution and get the other person’s permission before recording a conversation.

However, in the United States, Federal law requires that at least one party taking part in the call must be notified of the recording (18 U.S.C. §2511(2)(d)).

Call recording laws in some U.S. states require only one party to be aware of the recording, while other states generally require both parties to be aware. Several states require that all parties consent when one party wants to record a telephone conversation.

So technically, you are allowed to record a call as long as you are a party to the conversation you are recording.

According to where you reside, you might want to check on the legality of recording calls to ensure that you don’t face any legal problems.

Also, note that it is not possible to record WiFi calls, nor is it possible to record WhatsApp, Messenger, or any other calls that happen over WiFi.

Samsung call recording not working-Troubleshooting

While the Samsung phone call record app is pretty straightforward, there might be instances where it just might not work for you. There are certain things you must be aware of which will help you in fixing this problem.

Are you living in a country where Phone Call recording is banned? Then the option to record a call might just not be available on your Galaxy mobile. Sadly, in this scenario, there is not much you can do except get an international version of the mobile.

However, if this is not the case and you are still not able to record calls, then follow the below steps:

Clear the Phone App Cache

Go to Settings, tap Apps, and select All Apps. Select the Phone app and then Storage. Hit the Clear cache button. Now check if the issue is gone.

Install All Pending Updates

If there are any pending software updates, then install them and then restart your phone.

Use a Third-Party Call Recorder

If the above-mentioned steps fail to solve the problem, then you can just use a third-party app from the Google Play Store.

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