The never-ending saga of Resident Evil will carry on but not on Netflix though, it seems. It’s official, Netflix has canceled the Resident Evil series after its first season. While we loved Lance Reddick, who is cool as hell, but Netflix’s Resident Evil series is joining the list of shows that got just one season and weren’t renewed for more.

According to Deadline, which first broke this news, the series did not live up to its hype. “The drama did not have a solid showing on Netflix’s Top 10 and cost vs. viewing is the OTT platform leading renewal criterion.”

Where can I watch Resident Evil MOVIES IN ORDER?

Resident Evil was apparently supposed to mirror Stranger Things—having the same underlying theme of teens taking on a horrifying, lab-spawned menace—but unfortunately, it could not live up to the audience’s expectations.

This comes as a big disappointment for the creator of the series. Andrew Dabb had stated that he was looking forward to a second season after wrapping up the first eight-episode season. He was hoping to explore several more threads of the plot.

While Resident Evil fans will have to wait a while to get their next fix, they can look forward to The Umbrella Academy’s just-announced fourth and final season.


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