Who doesn’t like TikTok? However if you find yourself caught up in a situation where in your account has been banned, then you will definitely want to read this guide on how to get your account unbanned from TikTok.

Why was i banned from TikTok?

There could be many reasons why your account could have been banned in Tiktok. Tiktok uses  highly advanced algorithms to detect any violations of its policies -just like any other major social media platform for example Instagram or Twitter or Facebook-And hence if you have not done anything wrong it’s quite difficult to pinpoint exactly why your account has been banned, 

A user can report your video for a number of reasons, whether it be fraud, hate speech, graphic or adult content, cruelty towards animals or bullying.

Generally, after multiple reports have been made against a particular video, TikTok takes down the video for review. If it passes their analysis, then the video is restored. However if their internal department flags it,then you get notified and the video gets taken down. 

TikTok does give you an opportunity to appeal against this, if you feel that the strike against your account was not justified.

It’s only after you get multiple strikes, i.e. multiple videos get taken down, that the company would flag your account and put you on a temporary or permanent ban depending on how serious the infringement is.

As mentioned, you can generally appeal against the video takedown notification, however you must do it as soon as possible as some users have reported being unable to appeal after a certain amount of time has passed.

If you are unable to appeal against the notification that you had received or your account gets banned, there are a couple of steps that are available to you before you completely write of your account.

Do ensure that you have read TikTok’s Community Guidelines.

If you are aware of where exactly you went wrong then the chances of your account getting restored drastically increase.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to get your account unbanned from Tiktok :

How to Get your Account Unbanned From TikTok

Step 1: Contact Tiktok via app to file your appeal 

  1. Open the TikTok app on your smartphone. 
  2. Head to ‘Profile.’
  3. Click on the ‘three dots/lines’ icon, visible in the top-right corner. 
  4. Choose ‘Report a Problem.’
  5. Click on ‘Account and Profile.’
  6. Tap the ‘Compose‘ icon, in the top-right corner.
  7. Click the ‘Compose‘ icon once again.
  8. Briefly report the issue you’re facing and file an appeal to have your account reviewed.
  9. Click on ‘Submit.’

You need to be very clear in your message, if you haven’t done anything wrong, then ask for your account to be reviewed.

However, if you are aware of any violation of the company’s policies, then just apologise and ask for a second chance.

Step 2 contact Tiktok via emai

You can alternatively also reach out to the company via email.

You can reach them at info@tiktok.com and/or legal@tiktok.com.

However, reaching out via email does not guarantee any kind of a positive response.

Step 3 Try to use a VPN to access TikTok

In case your account got banned due to the ban on the company by your country, you can alternatively try to use a VPN to try and access the app.

What are the different types of Bans?

TikTok can either suspend/limit some of your activities like liking, sharing, commenting or ban your account on a temporary or permanent basis.

How long does it take to get unbanned from TikTok?

TikTok is usually quite prompt with their review process. But depending on the severity of the issue, and whether your account has been temporarily banned or permanently banned, it can take anywhere from 2 days to upto 2 weeks.

How long is a permanent ban on TikTok?

A permanent ban is well permanent. The only way to restore your account is to try and appeal against the ban decision and hope for the best!

How long does TikTok suspend your account?

TikTok will generally suspend your account or limit your activities for 24 Hours.

Can I call TikTok?

No, you cannot call TikTok. You can however contact them via the support section on the app or email them directly.

arslan · July 5, 2022 at 6:42 am

Worked perfectly for me. Was struggling with various other guides but no relief. Works like a charm

Adam Denrik · April 8, 2022 at 7:07 am

It worked for some time then again stopped working. What to do now?

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