Check out these 7 simple tips on how to speed up windows 11 and improve performance!

Windows 11 is the latest operating system released by Microsoft, but it is no stranger to lags and slowdowns. This is especially true if you are upgrading from a windows 10 operating system. However with some simple tweaks, you can certainly speed up your system.

Update your system

We all get frustrated with the constant updates that Windows keeps prompting us with. But there is a reason for that.

Windows updates often contain a lot of bug fixes and driver updates, and they also refresh the operating system’s built-in anti-virus software. So, even though it may cause a few moments of inconvenience, updating is always a wise choice. 

Disable apps from running automatically

Do you have too many apps launching when you start your system? Having too many apps launching on start up in your Windows PC can cause it to be slow from the get-go.

We, actually, might not even be aware of how many apps are launching on startup!

Disabling apps is pretty easy on the windows 11. Just follow these steps:

Click the Windows icon on your taskbar (or press the Windows key on your keyboard) then type startup.”  This should bring up the option “Startup Apps” in the Start menu. Click Startup Apps” to enter this setting.

To the right of each app that is set to start automatically will be a toggle saying “On,” as well as a note to the right which describes the impact this has on your system — lowmedium, or high. Any apps that are set to “Off” will say “No impact” by them.

Just click the “On” toggle next to the app to stop it from loading. Do this with all apps irrespective of whether they say “Medium impact” or “High impact” or “Low impact“.

Restart your device

This may seem like a no brainer, but a lot of us get into the habit of putting our windows device on sleep mode or standby mode.

While this does save your work and you can start right from where you left off the other day, it also adds on a bunch of temporary files, cookies and leaves unneeded apps running in the background.

So, every now and then, get into the habit of saving your stuff and shutting down your windows!

Free up storage space

Clean out the junk!

There’s a lot going on under the hood- temporary files, caches, cookies etc. So every once in a while, its handy to clean it out and free up the storage space. More free space =Faster windows!

Windows 11 has the the Storage tool in the “Storage settings” option. Click it, and then click Remove files” at the top of the page. Click Continue” on the prompt to confirm.

Thats it!

Uninstall Unused Apps

My golden rule is, that if you have never opened an app in 3 months, then you probably don’t even need it.

Over a perid of time, we tend to install a lot of apps but what we don’t do, is clear them out.

So, just head over to the “Storage settings” option, then click it, Click Apps & features.” To uninstall an app, click the three dots to the right of its name, then click Uninstall.” Click “Uninstall” again after the prompt appears.

Disable visual effects 

Windows 11 has a lot of fancy visual effects and animations especially when opening and closing menus or switching between apps. They look cool, but they can slow your computer down if your hardware’s not up to the task. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to switch them off. Here’s how to disable visual effects in Windows 11.

Type visual” in the Start menu and click Visual effects” once it appears.

On the list of effects, if “Transparency effects” and “Animation effects” are set to “On,” click the toggles next to them to set them to “Off.”

And thats it!

How to Speed up Windows 11-Add RAM or an SSD

Upgrading the RAM or a super fast SSD can help too ,this is the easiest hardware upgrade to make and most devices will support this.

Obviously, there is a lot more to upgrading hardware than just the RAM and SSD. We will cover that in a seperate article.

With these simple tweaks, I hope you have a better understanding on how to speed up windows 11.

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Stay tuned for more updates!

Gary · December 17, 2021 at 11:25 am

Hi , looks helpful

John Keller · December 17, 2021 at 8:48 am

hmm makes sense, after all all the tech helps first question is ” Have you restarted your windows?”

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