Have you been using your iPhone for long? Are you aware that there are many hidden features that iPhone offers?

Here are 10 features that are hidden in your iPhone and only pros know about. Let’s see how many of these are you already aware of :

Let’s begin:

1. How to make every Text notification Unique

Assign a custom vibration for any contact to make their text notification unique:

1. Open contacts

2. Select the contact and tap edit

3. Tap on Ringtone or Text Tone

3. Go to «vibration» and tap «Create New Vibration»


2. How to automatically close all your unused tabs in Safari:

You can close all your unused tabs in Safari using this nifty trick.

1. Go to Settings > Safari > Close Tabs

2 Here you can choose your option like One Day, One Week++

You can also manually close all tabs in Safari. Just hold down the new-tab button in your browser and select Close all Tabs. If you are in the view all tabs pane, then just hold down the «Done» button.


3. How to copy text from photos or screenshots:

Now you can directly copy texts from photos or even screenshots.

1. Open your camera app

2. Just Tap and hold over some text, then release your finger 

3. You can now copy the text 


Pro Tip: This also works in your Photos app. There will be an icon at the bottom right corner of the image.

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4. Here is how to send fun text effects to other iPhone users:

Here is how to have some fun in iMessages

1. Type a message in Messages.

2. Hold in the in send arrow, and you will get some options. Choose the effect that you want to apply to your message.


5. You can now use apps in your preferred languages.

Use the app that you want in the language that you want.

1. Open settings

2. Scroll down to your app

3. Select your preferred language

(Not all apps support this)

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6. How to enable Secret Button on iPhone.

You can enable the secret button at the back of your iPhone. You can also set it to perform the function that you would want:

1. Open Settings

2. Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap

3. Select Double Tap or Triple Tap

4. Now select what you want to happen. 

You can assign different functions for both Double Tap and Triple Tap.


7. Open Magnifier anywhere. 

Did you know about the secret magnifier app which is included on your iPhone:

1. Open Settings > Control Centre.

2. Click plus on Magnifier.

3. It is now available from Control Centre.

4. You can now zoom and magnify literally anything.


8. Got sensitive photos? Here is how to hide them 

Hide the photos that you don’t want anyone to see in your photos gallery.

1. Open Photos

2. Select an image & click the share button

3. Click hide

4. It’s now only visible in your hidden album (Albums > Utilities > Hidden)

Pro Tip: You can also hide your hidden album more in Settings > Photos.

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9. Enable Sleep Timer for all apps. 

Did you know that there is a sleep timer in your phone which works on all apps

1. First, locate and open the Clock app.

2. Now Click the timer icon, and Select «When Timer Ends»

3. Head to the bottom and tap the «Stop playing», and hit Set

4. Now when the timer ends, your phone will stop whatever app you have opened up. It’s a great trick to limit your on-screen time for social media apps.


10. How to track flights on your iPhone.

Did you know that there is a built-in Flight tracker that is available right on your phone:

1. Open Spotlight and type in the flight number.

2. Choose the first option.

3. Now you can check the flight’s location and its arrival/departure status.


Wrapping Up

Well, that was our top 10 hidden iPhone Features list. Do let us know whether we have missed out on any and we will surely cover that too.

Till next time.


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