How to Hack Lan School

LanSchool- a classroom software- helps educators maximize the time spent in class — allowing them to remotely control student devices and maintain classroom focus. As with any software. this opens up the question of How to hack Lan School.

What is LanSchool

LanSchool, backed by Lenovo is a “classroom software” used by various schools to ensure that students are appropriately using school computers. The software offers a wide array of features that enables efficient teaching in a classroom. Using the latest innovations in technologies, the software allows one-on-one messaging, Gives students a bigger voice with the ability to digitally raise their hands when they’ve completed a quiz or exercise, share screen, and even limit a student’s online access during tests.

Such a gamut amount of features makes it a very popular software used widely by Schools globally. The company has various pricing options and even offers a free trial.

Can you Hack LanSchool?

As mentioned earlier, Lanschool offers a wide array of features thus making it very popular. however, these very features are very open to abuse. usernames and passwords can be stolen using the keystroke logger. It is open to bullying via harassing students on chat. One can even hack and control keyboards and mouse inputs. Any and every kind of remote administration software such as GhostRAT in Ghostnet or Zbot in Kronos are very susceptible to hacks.

Is LanSchool spyware or malware?

Students need to sign into the software on their computer when they launch LanSchool. This allows teachers to gain administrative rights over their laptops and can potentially view all student activity through a master console application.

It may even allow the faculty to monitor the student’s laptops outside of their class as long as they are signed in and connected to the right WIFI network.

Since the teacher is always potentially watching you, it may lead to a violation of privacy also.

The program has also been related to the concept of malware. It functions and offers access just like spyware does.

How far does this observation and monitoring of students’ personal computers lead to invasion of privacy is not clear. It may just be a matter of time before the program is exploited for the access that it provides the faculty with.

How to Hack LanSchool- 5 Different Ways

A student can disable Lanschool completely or preserve oversight of the computer system for a minimum of 3 secs when a teacher has allowed the “Show pupil” attribute This feature is used by some educators to present the screens of various other Lanschool clients to all Lanschool-equipped computer systems.

How to  retain Control when “Show Student” is Enabled in LanSchool

Hack LanSchool

When the teacher has allowed “Show Student” press the following buttons Ctrl-Alt-Delete to bring up the menu that has the buttons to get to the task manager, lock computer, etc.

Press the Esc key multiple times while releasing Ctrl-Alt-Delete to make sure you hit it right as the menu is vanishing.

Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete once more and also you will certainly have control of the computer’s computer mouse for 2-3 seconds.

Disconnecting From the Network

Wifi Disconnect

Disconnect the network cable from the back of the computer physically as an alternative method of gaining control, and for an indefinite time. This prevents the feature “Show student” to be broadcasted to the disconnected terminal.

  • This also applies to laptops connected wirelessly, especially if it has an external “Turn off WiFi” switch.
Wifi Disable

Use software tools.

“LanSchooled”, a piece of software that spoofs Lanschool broadcasts, allows you to perform instructor functions such as shutdown people’s screens, etc. This is applicable only for Lanschool 6 or below.

Lanschooled Download

On Mac OS X, PwnSchool permits you to quit the Lanschool process and also renders it ineffective. It is likewise reliable for quitting Apple Remote Desktop computer and also Display Sharing. However, the latest versions of Lanschool are not affected by Pwnschool. 

PwnSchool mac Download

For Mac users, there is another alternative – Lanschool Blocker. You can download the latest version from the homepage under Download Packages.

LanSchool Blocker Mac Download

Using Microsoft Process Hacker

Install  Microsoft Process Explorer or Process Hacker and run it

Microsoft Process Explorer

Right-click “student.exe” and go to “Properties”.

Remove all permissions from SYSTEM. If a faculty member is currently monitoring you, go to the bottom of the permissions list. There should be a tick beside your name in terminate permission. You can then terminate student.exe.

Click “Apply” to save the changes.

Using Command Prompt

How to Hack Lan School using command prompt

Launch Windows Command Prompt. Run the command “Taskkill/f/im” and student.exe. This will terminate the file.

How to Hack Lan School using command prompt

Next, run the command with Taskkill/f/im and “lskhelper.exe”. That file will be terminated as well. Do the same with lskhlpr64.exe

Using LinuxLive USB

Download and burn Linux ISO to a USB flash drive.

  • You need to Make a Bootable Ubuntu Using UNetbootin with USB Drive
    • Don’t worry too much about system requirements. Try 64-bit initially, If that fails to work, then try 32-bit.
    • Access the computer you want to bypass LanSchool on and restart it.
    • If the computer boots into windows try again, this time by pressing F12 to choose a boot device as the computer is starting up. When the startup menu appears, select your USB flash drive.

Do not install Linux, instead try to boot on Linux Live mode:

  • You mustn’t install Linux on the computer you are using!
    • As long as your computer has a USB port, your teacher cannot detect or prevent this step.
    • This does not leave any traces on the computer as long as you do not install the operating system.

Tips on How to Hack LanSchool

  • Pressing the esc key multiple times is recommended on Method 1.
  • Try to download the DEMO version of LanSchool initially so that you can get an idea of what the faculty can do. As it would be a demo version, some features are bound to be restricted.
  • Getting hold of a  copy of LanSchool installation files is a better alternative.
  • Check whether Student.exe is running under the user NT Authority/System, with help from a teacher computer, you can then become the local Administrator by terminating explorer.exe, then relaunching it using the faculty console.
  • The latest versions of LanSchool may not support method 2.
  • The command prompt method may not work on some types of Student.exe.
  • The above method may allow you to enable “switchtoteacher.exe” which is the program used to switch student.exe off for faculty.
  • The command prompt method allows you to run Command Prompt if it is blocked. Run COMMAND.COM. This allows you to copy Teacher.exe to a flash drive. On Windows XP SP2 or lower, you can also become the local Administrator
  • Do not take spend too much time as this may arouse suspicion.
  • It is recommended to use the computer at home, as LanSchool only works when you are connected with the school wifi network, thus teachers/staff members will never know if you disabled LanSchool.


  • If you unplug your network cable or deactivate the wifi adapter, faculty staff may know because on the faculty console, your computer will be shown as “Not Responding” and on routers with dynamic DHCP, your IP address will change.
  • The latest versions of LanSchool may not support these methods.
  • The command prompt method also causes your computer to display as “Not Responding”.
  • Most teachers will physically inspect your computer, rendering this moot.
  • When a faculty uses the “Show Student” function to show something, you will need to watch someone else’s screen for the demonstration as it would not play on your computer.
  • This behavior is restricted by most School’s and if caught, you may face suspension or be expelled.

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